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IT Hardware Solutions

Hardware is defined as any physical component of a computer system, whether it be a computer monitor, tablet or smartphone as well as; ICs and other electronics. Without hardware, our computer wouldn’t exist, and software couldn’t be used. Being well known IT integrator we are providing IT Hardware Services and Software Solutions to our clients.

Most common hardware included with a computer

Below mentioned devices are the most common hardware(It Hardware Solutions) we would likely find inside the computer or connected to the computer with the typical computer/laptop today; RAM, Hard drive, Power supply, Cables that connect internal components and external peripherals. Keyboard, Mouse or touchpad with a laptop.

Service is the lifeline of Telcomet:

Customers like services for their timely execution and effectiveness. Besides these, we provide services to the customers as per their needs as well as at affordable rates certainly.

IT Hardware we provide:

  • Desktop – Dell, HP, Lenovo
  • Laptop – Dell, HP, Lenovo
  • Workstation – Dell, HP
  • Thin Clients – Dell Wyse, Vxl, RDP, HP