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Data Management Solutions

Now a days most of the global corporations are following a BPO strategy and manages non-strategic business processes. In this business environment, the reliable and correct information has utmost importance.No organization wants to waste precious man-hours on tidying up daily work and procedures. In this situation, the amount of data management solutions needed, be it offline or online data entry, changing your hard copy documents to soft-copies, documenting legal documents, forms, invoices, or collection info from customers and data capturing services for unstructured documents management etc.

Data management Solutions and systems that facilitate to handle and manage the complete data lifecycle needs of your company. We are leading Master data management solution provider in Hyderabad. Our data management solutions allow you to integrate your business data company-wide. A basis of unified, top quality data permits the user to quickly analyze the information, and react promptly to promote tendencies. You’ll be able to build quick and reasonable business decisions.

Data Management Solutions we provide:

  • NAS – Netgear, EMC, Dell, HP, IBM
  • SAN – EMC, Dell, HP, IBM, Netapp
  • Unified Storage – EMC, Dell, HP, IBM, Netapp
  • Secondary Storage – Dell, HP, IBM
  • Backup – Symantec, Quest Software, Commvault, Avamar Archival – Symantec