Telecom & Internet

Success of a Business will be purely depends on the relationship between the business people and customers. Be it a multi-national company or a branded one, the customers won’t hesitate to shift to the competitors in case company fails to reach their expectations. On the otherhand, managing official meetings for all your employees across all the branches costs you much. To help you manage both these cases, Telcomet offers the various Telecom services & Internet solutions.

Our Telecom Services & Internet Solutions include:

  • Telephony solutions that employ IP extension for superior audio quality, PBX (private branch exchange) for Internet access, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications, traditional telephone communications to reduce maintenance costs. Business phones like IP phones, Digital key phones, softphones, call center dialer with integrated CRM, conferencing solutions like audio, video, SMS and voice mail services among others.
  • Wireless solutions like 3G offloading, Enterprise WLAN, Indoor CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), Outdoor CPE, Routers and Private networks to establish a secured environment.
  • Also provides internet solutions like ILP (Internet Leased Port) that ensure our customers a reliable network performance at all times and MLPS (Multi Protocol Label Switching).

With the 24/7 monitoring, remote support, onsite support, tailored support and outsourced service desk, Telcomet ensures you the best services.