NETGEAR is engaged in producing new networking products to connect people with each other and to improve the lifestyle. It is easy, simple and designed for your convenience. You can avail Netgear networking technology at an affordable price. The ReadyNAS of Netgear has a business class storage system. Multiple features are added to this latest system to secure, manage and to store the important data. It is specially made to protect your business. Storage is now more easier with Netgear.


In ReadyNAS desktop series unlimited snapshots are available. Cloud managed replication is also present there in the storage system. When there is a need of data consolidation or mirror information on data; replication technology is used. Real time antivirus and encryption features are included into the ReadyNAS. Automatic RAID process secures the disk from failure. Bit rot protection resists media degradation problem. ReadyNAS has a strong and easy disaster recovery solution for any type of business.


In modem computing; the data accession procedure becomes very fast for inter-connected devices. There is a high chance of occurrence of privacy risks with business data stored on public cloud server. With RedadyNAS; you can create a secure and cheap private cloud system for your business. Netgear makes a combination of storage and switching solutions with video recording software to offer a unique system for business purposes. It is easy to deploy and manage. A NVR system is there for simple installation and operation. UPnP search, auto camera detection and other facilities are available in Netgear NAS storage products.